Fast-Track Your De Facto™
Australian Visa Application Guide
Australian Partner Visa 820 (De Facto)
Downloadable E-Media Guide
With Easy-To-Understand, Step-By-Step instructions 
A Downloadable E-Media Guide For Your Australian Partner Visa 820 (De Facto)

Simple, Easy-To-Understand, Step-By- Step Instructions On How To Gather Documents, Prepare Statements &
How To Organise Your Application To Help Get It Processed Faster
  1. Pre-Application Tasks
    We cover what needs to be completed prior to submitting your paperwork. We include simple, step-by-step instructions on how to book and prepare for your medical, how and where to order your police checks
  2. Forms & Declarations
    We include instructions on which forms you'll need for each section of your visa application (Including statutory declarations) Easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete them, and checklists to make sure all your information is accurate
  3. Supporting Documents
    We explain what supporting documents you're going to need to make your application stronger. i.e. Joint bank accounts, lease agreements, proof of a genuine relationship etc. How to complete and where to source them
Organisation & Presentation
The most important part of your Visa application and the primary reason why most applications take longer than 12 months to process.
Even with the correct documentation; without organising & 
presenting your application correctly, it's going to take much longer to get your visa granted.