Fast-Track Your De Facto™
Australian Visa Application Guide
How and Why We Created Fast-Track Your Defacto™

I entered Australia originally on a working holiday visa, and 
after months of travelling, I settled on the Gold Coast and met an Aussie girl.

When my working holiday visa had expired, I found a company in Melbourne that were willing to sponsor me on a 457 working visa...

The problem was, my girlfriend was on the Gold Coast.

We did the long distance relationship for as long as we could and as soon as our relationship passed the 12 month mark, I quit my job in Melbourne, moved to the Gold Coast and we went about applying for our De Facto Visa.

This was when I came across some obstacles.

Because I had quit my job in Melbourne, I had only 3 months to find another sponsor on the Gold Coast, otherwise I'd be deported.

I went on interview, after interview, after interview...

There were plenty of jobs, but no-one was willing to sponsor me. 

So I focussed all my energy on getting my DeFacto visa application submitted, so I could be free to work without restrictions.

Then I learnt about bridging visas.

It turned out, that I couldn't  work unrestricted once I had applied for my DeFacto...I had to wait for it to be approved & processed first! (Average time 12-15 months)

I was stuck! I couldn't afford not to work for 12-15 months! Assuming it only took that long (I had read some horror stories about people still waiting for their Defacto Visa to be proccessed years later!)

I didn't have $4k for an immigration laywer, especially as they couldn't guarantee it could be processed faster.

Fortunately, my backgroud is in investigative journalism, so I applied my knowledge and experience to help me navigate the internet and offline sources of information, trying to find tips to help me.

After sepnding 100's of hours researching online, PLUS all the  time I spent waiting on hold to Australian Immigration..I was getting frustrated, angry and scared.

Then I caught a lucky break..
I had made the decision to travel to my local immigration office in Brisbane, to try to get more information. While I was waiting in the long line,

I accosted an employee and begged for help!

I told him my story. He must have felt sorry for me because he took me a side and told me EXACTLY how to get my application fast tracked!

He explained one of the main reasons behind the 12-15 months delay was due to administrative factors, and people not knowing how to present their application correctly

And explained how to get my application processed faster by organising my application in a certain way.

Also he told me that most people make 5 Key Mistakes  when submitting their application.

Any one of these mistakes can cause major delays in processing times!

I went home, changed my application, carefully following his instructions and applying them to all the other information I had gathered.

I am so happy I did because my visa came back approved in 5 weeks!

I was able to stay here in Australia, at last. With zero restrictions.
(Phew that was close!)

I then immediately thought.....Other people need to know this!

So I created FastTrack Your Defacto™ as an Easy, Fast and Affordable resource to help other people with their Defacto Visa Application.