Fast-Track Your De Facto™
Australian Visa Application Guide
  1. "IT WORKED! My visa came through in just 26 days! All I had to do was follow the instructions and fill out the correct forms. I have to admit, I hate paperwork, but FastTrack Your De Facto made it so easy to organise everything. They even show you step-by-step, how to put everything together"
    Myles (UK)
  2. "Today I got my 820 Visa approved! We just lodged it on the 10th April and after 10 WORKING DAYS, it has been granted. I am so excited, I can still not believe it We are the happiest people in the world after reading that immigration email!"
    Medoes (Spain)
  3. " I was just about to pay an immigration lawyer $3.5k to help me with my visa, now I am SO glad I didn't! It was so easy to understand and helped me make sense of the whole process. I am very grateful someone recommended FastTrack Your De Facto to me"
    Amy (Canada)
  4. "It was very informative and organised. The different sections and the breakdown of how to apply for a medical, and police reports was great. English is not my first language and I had no problem in understanding"
    Mary (Phillipines)